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Monday, March 30, 2009


Text & Images, Special Correspondent, Claudine Gumbel
Edited by Vivian G. Kelly

On Wednesday, March 18th, I had the opportunity to work on the launch of the Los Angeles store for What Comes Around Goes Around at a really cool venue – Space 15 Twenty. WCAGA is the brainchild of Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione. The space is amazing and serves as an arena for expression with stores that include a cool new Urban Outfitters, a bookstore, a gallery, and more. It is also across the way from Amoeba music. There are certain nights they show films in the courtyard. It is a must see - they have everything you need from cool clothes from emerging designers, vintage clothing, books, films, art, music and even cinnamon popcorn.

Some outstanding fashion people served on the host committee for this event: Erin Wasson, Rose Apodaca, Lawren Howell, Katherine Power, Hillary Kerr, Estee Stanley, Nicole Chavez and Nicole Richie. The crowd was filled with so many stylish people including one of my favorite guys, Arlo Weiner. He’s the most stylish guy around in his cool hat, a bowtie, and vintage monocle. He made my night! Another guy that was part of the event was my friend, Josh, who wore this Princeton jacket - not too many guys can rock something like that but he does. Everything was thought out from the entrance to the space – guests started their night when they received a vintage key on a chain. The bar sponsors served old school cocktails from Rose’s Cocktails Infusions [KARMA, and Boddingtons]. The goodie bag was filled with my favorite new band’s cds – EDWARD SHARPE and the Magnetic Zeros and blue q goodies from “shut the hell up gum” to glow in the dark tattoos. There is a lot of buzz about this event, as you can seem from my photos.

I got to travel there with one of my buddies who’s a music buff and turns me on to all my new favorite bands. We got in and checked out the coolest band, Bishop Allen. Their new album is amazing. From there we went to see one of my most favorite new bands EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS. Their music makes you want to dance and just throw your hands in the air. I also had the opportunity to see Peter, Bjorn and John. The following day we prepared for our CULTURE JAM & HOUSE OF CASSETTE PARTY. We were very lucky to have a private acoustic performance from THE KIN. A big “thank you” to our awesome sponsors – Amstel Light, Fiji Water, Pop Chips and Mischieve Hornitos and THEME magazine.

That night I met the guys from Crystal Method who are so nice and learned about these cool watches from TOKYO FLASH that are super rad. The next day, I had the opportunity to rock out to THE NEW YORK DOLLS at the Rachael Ray event. And then that night we went to Perez Hilton’s showcase, where the surprises kept coming from Indigo Girls, Rye Rye, a special performance from Kid Cudi to a very big surprise KANYE WEST. It was awesome – he did about six songs. I love ‘FLASHING LIGHTS’ – such a great runway show. I made a few other stops and ended the night with a glorious performance from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Check them out; you will thank me! They are musically stimulating and super fashionable from their clothing to their instruments. The girl that rocks the accordion has the coolest pearlescent find and there is a drum with an Indian Chief - love the sound of the beat.

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