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Thursday, March 19, 2009

VIVIENNE TAM – pandemonium outside the Mercer Street Store

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images of the Vivienne Tam Fall 2009 Collections, from
Image of Nicole Fischelis in gray suit, from
Image of Meredith Melling Burke, from
Image of designer, VGK

Soho, NYC on Mercer Street

Standing outside of the designer’s Soho store, we had an endless loop of the eighties hit running through our head of, "Waiting in the Rain” on Bobby Brown's hit CD from 1989, "Don't Be Cruel".

Taking shelter under the overhang, while watching a colorful Lilly Pulitzer Jeep zoom by, filled with Fashion Week VIP’s, we noticed another VIP entering the supposedly “not ready- yet” venue. VOGUE’S MEREDITH MELLING BURKE stepped out of a private car and like her boss, Anna, her face was enough to grant her instant admission – ready or not.
While Ms. Burke was merely only doing her job, her access to the venue caused a great deal of grumbling to the varied retailers and press waiting patiently outside, Legendary Fashion Director, NICOLE FISCHELIS [now at Macy’s & who’s giving the retailer a much-needed style over-haul] tried to no avail to enter. It’s quite possible the Junior PR’s manning the door simply didn’t realize that she too, was a VIP. Ms. Fischelis left followed by her staffers, saying she would go to the showroom, “later”. Hopefully, for Ms. Tam’s sake, she did.
Once inside, the scene was noticeably brighter. The cause for the delay it seemed was that Ms. Tam kept rearranging the display.
OVERHEARD: a member of the Bloomingdales’ team speaking enthusiastically with Tam’s VP of Sales, SUSAN EISENBERG, about the collection. The retailer was happy with the dressy separates, which she seemed to think would perform well on the floor.
Pushing through the throng, we caught up with Ms. Eisenberg to fill in some details, which proved very helpful, as we weren’t able to push our way to the front of the display.

THE FASHION EXAMINER: How many collections are there here?
SUSAN EISENBERG: There are two, the signature Collection, and the diffusion Vivienne Tam Red Label.

T.F.EXAMINER: Is there a theme this season? An inspiration?
S. EISENBERG: The RED label separates are based on mesh lingerie. At the moment, Vivienne is into slashing details and there are of course, the prints, which are one of her signatures.

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