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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Image of Vice Chairman & Chief Merchant of Saks Fifth Avenue, RON FRASCH, JOSIE NATORI, and Interior Designer, RANDALL RIDLESS, from

Josie Natori is a “name” in fashion, small wonder, she’s been designing for 31 years, and is best known for her sensuous lingerie. Like other design talents out there, Ms. Natori decided to branch out. Three seasons ago, she began a RTW collection. She wisely tested out the waters and began with just a few pieces – some silk tops. At this point, now it’s expanded into a knit program, tailored looks, the jewelry and overall it’s a very coordinated look that won’t send you further into debt..

The most expensive item maxes out at $595 for a black coat in doubleface jersey that you could really call, “an investment piece”. True, this is one of designers’ favorite terms for justifying your paying $3,000+ for a pantsuit, but in this case, Ms. Natori is justified in using the term. The coat’s a keeper and one you could potentially wear years from now.
Although Ms. Natori was not on hand when we hit the Bryant Park suite, her very adept sales and marketing reps were and answered a few questions we had about the budding line.
Ms. Natori started the line to fill in a void for “restaurant tops”, the part you can see from the waist up.

It’s about “a pick me up”, it could just be as simple as a top to freshen things up.
THE SHIFT: we’re going from outright embellishment to more refined details such as pleating that give a 3-dimensional detail.

It’s on the 4th floor at Saks which has tried to reinvent the word “bridge” but this time around, the concept is a MODERN Bridge customer. At Nordstrom, it’s in studio alongside M Missoni, Ellen Tracey, Tory Burch,and Ellie. Ms. Natori makes an excellent point; like us you may have been size 2 all your life, but your body will be different at different stages in your life, and she sizes her clothes accordingly.
Eco's not the red-hot topic it was a year ago, but the Company has integrated some Green elements into the collection. They now have the capability to make knits that are lighter in weight by mixing in a little soy and bamboo into some of the items in the collection.

Opening price point, @ $95
Average price point for tops $195- 395 for the embellished tops.
Our top pick - the classic double face coat for $595
For further information on the line, visit

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