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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The BINETTI Fall 2009 Collection Showing

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Backstage images of the models and CND nails, Richard Spiegel
Image of Diego Binetti from
Image of Jan Arnold, from
TIME & PLACE: Sunday, Feb. 15th, 2009
Focus Studio [45th Street], 599 Eleventh Avenue, the Forbidden Zone
This was by far the most interesting backstage, make-up and nail-wise. The gold and silver eyebrows, and magenta lips reminded us of something we’d see at a Dior show in Paris, rather than in New York, where the look tends to be more toned-down. CREATIVE NAIL DESIGN Co-Founder, and fashion maven, JAN ARNOLD outdid herself with these silver and gold nails that look like something the ancient Egyptians or Mayans would have loved, given their obsession with gold and ornamentation.

PR Deborah Hughes got us a time slot with the genial designer, pre-show, in-between last minute adjustments he made to the models’ outfits.

THE FASHION EXAMINER: How did you approach this collection? Has the recession affected your take on fashion this season?

DIEGO BINETTI: The retailer is demanding, “Give me something that will sell” or “give me something that is very high-end.

The show that followed was interesting too, a mini art installation of sorts, in which black spandex clad dancers pushed the models on round stands across the show space. We could see what Mr. Binetti meant when he said that he was “moving into making the designs very high end.” He used luxurious fabrics, ranging from basic black to a hammered gold lame print to royal purple. Although there was plenty of fantasy in the clothing, there was also a strong undercurrent of reality running throughout. Mr. Binetti edited himself “very, very tightly”, and showed only 17 looks. The show was a ride in the time machine, there was an Edwardian riding suit in white, a twenties fringed flapper dress, and a thirties cream pleated dress and marabou fur capelet a heroine in an Agatha Christie novel would have worn to dinner while riding The Orient Express.

FAVORITE: the deep purple silk chiffon dress with shaved wool trim and bronze chains accessorized with a wide bronze belt that gave it some heft.

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