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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Runway Images, Dan Lecca, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz
Backstage Images, VGK
Image of Tia Cibani and VGK, Simone Poggi
Image of Jane McKay from
Image of Emperors from the Mogul Dynasty,

BACKSTAGE at the Promenade Tent
THE MAKEUP by MAC COSMETICS played an important part in recreating that Bollywood princess look – fresh face and intense eyes you can’t pull your gaze away from. You don’t need that many tools in your kit to get this look. In fact, it’s a 3-step process.
STEP #1: Line both lids with MAC SMOLDER EYE PENCIL [a creamy eye kohl], rim top and bottom, and smudge. [$14.50 for 0.05 oz pencil].
STEP#2: Apply lots of ZOOM LASH MASCARA [$12 for a 0.31oz tube]

STEP#3: Get yourself a tube of “the perfect nude, with a pink + cream undertone” – BOYBAIT LIPGLASS.
NOTE: *We got to try “boybait" and already have our order in!
“Smolder” is so popular, it’s temporarily out of stock on the website, but worth the wait.
ADDED BONUS – Tips from the Expert
A European reporter asked Jane what were the A-B-C’s of Picture Perfect Makeup .
The #1 problem – HOTSPOTS
Jane’s TIP: “The center of the forehead tends to have light reflected on it, Resultingly, it looks white in photos, and is referred to as a ‘hot spot’.
PRO tip – be VERY careful when applying your makeup and be sure to cover this area.”

THE FASHION EXAMINER: We’ve heard quite a bit about the inspiration for this collection, India, right?

TIA CIBANI: When we were researching for this collection, we wanted to juxtapose what’s going on with the economy with the feminine instinct to love, eat, and live, because that’s who we are as women. We love to celebrate, to be joyful.

TFE: Which period/dynasty in particular are you referencing?

TIA: The Mogul Dynasty. It brought structure; you see it in a masculine tailored pant and blouse, which we put under the sari, which is drapey and more spontaneous in feeling.

TFE: The pink! It’s hard not to associate pink with India, but we were thinking, “YSL fuchsia”!
TIA: It’s neon, but not neon. It’s YSL eighties, a little bit over the top, not subtle.

A brass band, complete with a tuba, was positioned at the mouth of the runway and provided that spirit of gaiety that Ms. Cibani referred to in our backstage chat with her.

Although the palette was typical Ports, and as such, consisted of earthen tones, there was a good deal of gold and silver lame mixed in, as well as some black which looked good. A strong example - the black “Jama” [coat] dress and a slim cut sheath with black buttons running across it asymmetrically.
STANDOUTS: the eighties fuchsia silk sari and black one shoulder crepe sari with fuchsia detail. The mix of tailored and soft was best exemplified in a ruby red wool dress topped with a begonia and fuchsia silk coat.

To see more of Tia's collection, visit the new Ports 1961 boutique in downtown Manhattan at:

3 Ninth Avenue
New York, New York 10014
T. 917 475 1022

Additional information is available on the official website,

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