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Thursday, March 26, 2009

PROTÉGÉ - affordable sneakers by the Knicks’ Al Harrington

“You don’t need money to play this game, you need shoes.” -Al Harrington.
Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Image of subway billboards and black patent sneaker, VGK
Image of black/white sneaker from
Image of Al Harrington, from

The Knicks’ Al Harrington vowed that if and when he made it, he would come up with basketball sneaks that young boys with not a lot of money could afford. It’s a well-known fact that big sneaker companies present impressionable kids with sneaks they frankly can’t afford, without having to resort to running errands for the local drug lord. Just go watch Notorious, and you’ll get our drift.

Mr. Harrington has come-through, and is currently promoting affordable, weather resistant, high-performance basketball shoes that look like they should cost considerably more than the $34.99 they’re retailing for at Kmart.

According to MSNBC, he actually WEARS them – are you listening, you other celebrity designers out there who don’t wear your own designs while on tour and posing on the Red Carpet?

Protégé’s pulling out all the stops in promotion, which is what you need to do if you’re going to get a product off the ground these days.
SOME of the places you’ll see Protégé: TV, online, and inserted in-game ads on “Guitar Hero” and billboards, and on subway trains, as we did while riding the #6 Downtown during New York Fashion Week.

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