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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ivanka Trump Jewelry as seen on Celebrity Apprentice


We've always had a soft spot for "the Donald", starting in the eighties, when he and Ivana [Ivanka's Mom] were the toast of NYC. Their daughter has certainly followed in her famous Daddy's footsteps and is quite the entrepreneur herself. While we enjoy her appearances and comments on Celebrity Apprentice what we really love is her jewelry line. When the announcement was made that Ivanka would be rolling-out a jewelry line, we gave it an eye-roll - our standard reaction to yet another celebrity taking a stab at playing fashion designer.
In this case, we were wrong!
Promotion is everything these days, and why NOT use Donald's show to help push the line? And, why not model it yourself if you're tall blonde and beautiful and are living the jet set lifestyle? We're all for that - it's just called using your resources.

There's a good amount of buzz about the Collection jewelry pieces that Ivanka wore on the most recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice, that aired on March 21st.
Our favorite - the octagonal bib necklace. She also wore a yellow gold cuff with rock crystal and black spinel, and her rock crystal rose gold earrings.

We're looking forward to more episodes and more jewelry.

TO BUY: Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry
580 Fifth Avenue, Suite 503, New York, New York 10036
Phone: 212.584.9338

Images of Ivanka Trump and the collection, courtesy of Sana Clegg, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry
Image of Celebrity Apprentice cast, from

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Where: Chelsea College of Art, Pimlico, London
When: February 23, 2010

Front row - left to right: Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Hudson, Kristen Stewart, Claire Danes, Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland)

Photo by Sofia Shershunovich (attached)

Burberry Prorsum show for the Autumn/Winter 2010 season was broadcast in 3D around the world. The event was highly impressive with a much bigger tent than other shows, a stormy visual and soundtrack, huge crowds and a star studded front row as well as fashion royalty like Carolina Herrera, Mario Testino and Rachel Zoe. Let us also not forget the media trinity - Alex, Hillary and Suzy (Shulman, Alexander, Menkes) taking their rightful place in front row.
Key pieces this season were double-collared, sheepskin-lined aviator jackets that were cropped to the waist or had a zipper that allowed them to be minimised as such. The black leather and snakeskin dominatrix boots were thigh-high and the trench made a mandatory appearance in indigo with gold buttons aplenty. Military theme was very strong, but since the trend this season is Soft vs Hard, has been softened with sexy lace and satin tubular dresses in a warm and comforting fall palette of pond green, raspberry and gold.
Kate Hudson made an approving "I like the bow" gesture at someone sitting opposite her in front row when navy jackets appeared bowed in the back with black satin. Perhaps Anna Wintour?

Burberry Prorsum AW10 Trends: Master and Commander of the Trench-Coat, Full Metal Burberry Jacket, Das Boots, The Sheep Hunter, Black Trend Down, Inglorious Buttons.

DUCKIE BROWN fall 2010 collection show- not for the conservative guy


As we sat in the tent waiting for Duckie's show to go off, we daydreamed and wondered if a guy like France's President Nicolas Sarkozy would ever wear Duckie Brown. On State occasions, he's usually extremely conservative, but on his downtime, those wild red swim trunks show that he might just go for it. After all, he IS married to Carla Bruni, one of the most fashionable women in the world, and an ex-supermodel, back when the term "Supermodel" meant something and warranted a capital "S".

The soundtrack started things off leading us to believe we were in for a military style collection. The military part came via the laceup combat boots - Florsheim by Duckie Brown and the hats from Cha Cha's House of Ill Repute.The James Bond theme that followed went along w/ the swagger that goes along when you're a guy strolling down the street in huge 8O's shoulderpads that also reminded us of 20's style gangster zoot suits.
What was new was the "bruised tweed" fabric meaning a black + blue tweed - a welcome departure from the usual brown toned tweeds others show. Another favorite piece: #14 - the short lime trench worn w/ a turquoise shirt + sinny gray trousers.
Brevity = a sign of a seasoned designer. There were only 20 looks.

Images of the fall 2010 Duckie Brown collection, courtesy of, by Getty Images
Nicolas and Carla at the beach, from
Image of men in zoot suits from

Friday, March 12, 2010

Go the Length - Maria Grachvogel AW10 Show London Fashion Week

TEXT, SOFIA SHERSHUNOVICH - London + LA Correspondent
EDITED BY: Vivian G. Kelly-Van Zutphen

When: 1pm 19th February 2010
Where: The Waldorf Hilton, London

The Waldorf Hilton rendered an appropriately stunning backdrop for the Maria Grachvogel show which played host to Vogue Editorial and the likes of Yasmin Le Bon and Erin O'Connor. Grachvogel made a statement by opening with the trend of black with a wool flannel dress, double fazed gazar, satin chiffon dress, and the current leather movement with a cool cape. She then proceeded with a striking scarlet gown and a couple of mandatory for this season catsuits. The audience was then eased into her signature palette of stunning patterns - sapphire and chartreuse quarts and kaleidoscope print satin. One of the signature print gowns reminded me of the Jennifer Lopez Versace number that caused some controversy a while back. Bright off-colours also made an appearance and mesmerised with their intriguing hues. The yellows were no usual shade of yellow, the reds weren't any usual red, nor were the greens or even the greys. It was not canary or even blood orange but something new, unpredictable and entirely enticing. Long-length returns this season, and the fabrics are free flowing and dance with your movement.

Maria Grachvogel AW10 Trends: Long dresses, bright off-colours, rich patterns and flowing satin.
Images from

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Florals...for Spring? Groundbreaking... - Paul Smith AW10 London Fashion Week Show

TEXT, Sofia Shershunovich, LONDON & LA Special Correspondent

When: 6pm 22nd February 2010
Where: The Claridges Hotel Ballroom, London W1

Florals...for Spring? Groundbreaking...said Meryl Streep's character in "The Devil Wears Prada".
Paul Smith however is doing florals for fall, which is refreshing, and yet so Paul Smith. Today's Autumn/Winter 201o show featured light fabrics, bouncy skirts, pastels, florals and some very perky winter riding gear. I might have said he's counting on global warming, if I didn't see how positive and bubbly Smith is in person, which pretty much explains it all. Beautiful 50's style dresses draped with chiffon, tomato red raincoats, black latex numbers and sheer PVC completed this seasons show.

Paul Smith AW10 Trend: Florals, pastels, strong reds, latex, defined waist and sheer fabrics.

Images from
Image of Sir Paul Smith from

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


TEXT & backstage images, VIVIAN G. KELLY-VAN ZUTPHEN
Image of VK-VZ and C. Siriano, the team at Paul Wilmot Public Relations

WHEN & WHERE: Backstage at the Bryant Park Tents, NY Fashion Week

For those not in the business, TV shows such as "Sex+the City" + "Project Runway" have succeeded in bringing the glam world of fashion right into your living room. "Project" can turn an unknown kid w/ talent into a household name. Look at the phenomenal success of Christian Siriano. As a sometimes cynical fashion vet, we'll argue that winning Project is great, but is only the beginning. Remember Jay McCarroll, season #1s winner? Doubtful.

We got to meet Christian Siriano backstage before his fall 2010 show. The night before, we scanned his book, Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self + Googled-up a bit on this twenty-four year old designer star.
Once there, we had only 1 question, "You're designing RTW, have a book, makeup for Victoria's Secret, a line for Payless. WHAT's NEXT?"
Interestingly, Christian is soft-spoken and self-effacing - not at ALL the persona he conveys in public. We far prefered the C. we met over the camera-ready version.
HIS ANSWER: -"I'd like to keep it growing and eventually have my own stores."
As to our observation on how different he was in person, he shrugged and smiled. "That's for TV + the cameras".
Have a look at some of his latest designs + write us + let us know if you agree w/ us that this Project winner is going the distance.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Paul Costelloe AW10 Kicks off the London Fashion Week Shows


Setting the Tone - Paul Costelloe AW10 Kicks off the London Fashion Week Shows

Paul Costelloe made it known that Gothic Glam is going strong when he opened this AW10 season of London Fashion Week with a dark palette. A vamp look remains immortal with even more daring details like the trendy PVC. Although Costelloe incorporated it in the cut off glove and legging option he certainly remains in step. Costelloe has been involved in LFW for 15 years and has been the opening show for the last five.

Paul Costelloe Trends AW10: Black, PVC, metallics, over-sized hips, dark classics - navy and tweed.

For more info, video of the show and images of the collection, visit

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mary Me Fast! - Mark Fast/Mary Katrantzou AW10 Show London Fashion Week


Where: Covent Garden, London
When: 3.45pm, 20th February 2010

Mary Katrantzou is getting red hot
Mark Fast stunned with off-blue
Diane Pernet and Alexandra Shulman front row
The rest of Vogue House jumping the queue

There are no words to express how much I love Mark Fast. Say what you will about him, but he makes a woman with a decent body hotter than a ghd straightening iron. Yes he's putting his dresses on models that look like what I can only imagine a giant bratwurst would look like wearing his dress, but whose fault is that? The guy has his niche. There's plenty of other designers who make clothing for any size, but you had to call Mark sexist and now we all have to watch a show half filled with women acting like they feel fabulous in what they've got on tripping in their ankle breaking Louboutins'. Anyway…there is one more thing I think Mark will start getting criticized for pretty soon. That niche I just mentioned. There isn't that much you can do with his knit technique, I predict pretty soon he will start getting the "same old, same old" reviews. I could tell he was already trying to avoid those by opening with something completely different of a poncho, but let's face it, that's not you Marky, you want to see us curvy and reveal every little bit of gorgeousness a woman's body has to offer. And reveal he did. What followed was the Mark Fast we fell in love with, updated with trendy off-colours and multicoloured gemstones. I love what Mark is doing and I hope he continues, he's an imaginative guy and I think to stay afloat he will undoubtedly come up with something else groundbreaking and just as sexy. Check out Mark Fast's new line of undergarments - Faster, if you are like me and can't afford one of his legendary dresses.

Mark Fast AW10 Trends: Off-colours, sexy clothes no matter the size, draped shawls and thin scarves.

Following Mark Fast's impressive display, Mary Katrantzou managed to stun the audience into a silent trance. Her bewitching work with prints was on another level this season with napoleonic medals, regal gems, exquisite lace, lush silks, and mixed materials like fur, leather, exaggerated ruffles and chandelier jewellery over the prints and sheer netting. One look stood out to me for it's comical use of jewellery on a print dress with a sheer fabric where nipples were covered by two seashell pieces of a necklace. These back to back shows were undoubtedly my favourite this season. I spoke to Mary briefly at her exhibition later in the week and she confessed she heard displeased words regarding the organization of the show. Although she was right, entering was an extremely unpleasant experience, with no line formed and everyone hurdled and forced to wait while line jumpers aggravated further…but Mary and Mark made it worth it in the end.

Mary Katrantzou AW10 Trends: Statement jewellery, napoleonic, gemstone and regal prints.

Image Credits:
Images of the collections, from
Image of Sofia Shershunovich in yellow dress, courtesy of S.S.
Image of Diane Pernet in black hat, from
Image of Alexandra Shulman, from