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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Image of Robert Burke from

Image of Robert Burke, Andre Leon Talley, Tara Rockefeller& Philip Bloch, from
Image of Michelle Obama in Jason Wu, A.P.
Image of Jason Wu and his fall 2009 collection, from

TIME & PLACE: At the POLECI Presentation, New York Fashion Week
The POLECI STORE, 32 Gansevoort Street, the Meatpacking District, NYC

In response to our question, “What do young girls want to wear now?”,
Retail Consultant Robert Burke, immediately brought up Jason Wu.
For those who aren’t familiar with the dapper Burke, he is now providing “strategic consulting [and very successfully at that] for the luxury sector”. He’s been in this role since leaving his long-time post as Senior Vice President of Fashion and Public Relations at Bergdorf Goodman. Prior to that, he oversaw the world of Ralph Lauren, men’s women’s AND home. If anyone can spot a winner, he can, and we jumped on the opportunity to ask him what he saw in his crystal ball this season.

Said Mr. Burke in a conversation at the filled to capacity Poleci event, “Jason Wu is what young girls want to wear now.”
Small wonder, if they hadn’t heard of Wu before, they certainly have since Michelle Obama wore his white chiffon dress as her Inaugural gown.
THE FASHION EXAMINER: What kind of young girl do you think Jason’s appealing to? What’s she like?
ROBERT BURKE: He has designed a collection that will appeal to young girls with an elegant sense of style. Perhaps they’ll be wearing Oscar in a few years, but for now Mr.Wu is a great option.

T.F.EXAMINER: What is it about his work that first caught your attention?

R. BURKE: What drew us in from the beginning was the ease and fluidity of these clothes and the easy femininity of the ruffled dresses and the vaguely retro New Look cinched skirts. The options are all there, lean and fitted for those who love a graceful column or A-line for those who want less exposure.

T.F. EXAMINER: He has been described as “edgy”. What of the clothes’ shelf life? Everyone’s concerned about that these days, it seems.

R. BURKE”:These gowns can be worn more than once, Mr. Wu must have had that in the back of his mind when he was designing this well edited collection.

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