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Monday, March 9, 2009


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images of products, from respective company websites

High above the din of 30th Street, in NY’s Garment District lies the ideal apartment, complete with balcony. The apartment/showroom is at once spare, yet warm and inviting, and once there, we’re always reluctant to leave. No wonder, it’s the handiwork of uber-styist/personality ROBERT VERDI, who’s the embodiment of a gracious host.
No sooner had we walked in than a member of the catering staff put a blueberry vitamin-infused drink in our hand [Robert was drinking one himself, and thought we could use a boost].
We gravitated to the “beauty and pampering room", where we experienced a mini-acupuncture session [1 stick in each ear-lobe] that is said to help rebalance the body. We’re usually wary of needles, but acupuncturist Steve Pang, [M.S., L.Ac.] had such a reassuring manner and told us that this was a “tiny” treatment that wouldn’t cause us to have any adverse reaction..

There’s something to be said for the treatment’s efficacy. Although we were surrounded by sick people in the Tents, we dodged the cold & flu bullet, and went home at the end of the week flu-free.

To read more about acupuncture and to make an appointment with Steve:
Tel: 917-617-8481
Steve Pang Acupuncture is located at 50 Greene Street, NYC.

The folks at Nestle were going with the old saw, “beauty comes from within” when they launched this beauty drink. We tend to agree, as if you’re not healthy, there’s little that makeup and hair products can do to disguise the fact.
AS almost-vegetarians, we’re big fans of supplements – Emergen-C [lite], Viviscal [for hair growth], Magnesium [muscle cramps], Vitamin B [for calm]. We downed a glass of the pomegranate colored liquid on the tray and took a few powder sachets to go, which we mixed into our IMG-supplied SMART WATERS for the rest of fashion week. The “Natural Pomegranate Lychee Flavor” Beauty Drink we sampled tastes a whole lot better than the frankly awful green powdered vege mix or V-8, and actually takes a bit of the edge off pre-dinner hunger pangs.

Initially, the price may see high [$42 for 6 8oz. Bottles @ 100 calories each] and $40 for 7 days of sachets @ 50 calories each]. When you amortize the cost of a tub of La Prairie cream and substitute an 8 oz. Glowelle in as breakfast or “ a healthy snack”, it’s pretty reasonable.

Glowelle is available online:

PAULA DORF’s magic concealer
Every makeup artist worth their salt has developed one, a concealer, that is.. We’ve tried more than our share: Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Clinique, Chanel, YSL’s “celebrated touche éclat”.
Her MAGIC STICK in Shade #3 though really DID instantly erase our sinus-related dark circles and knock out the slight redness on our nose. It’s reasonably priced too, $21 for a 0.12 oz stick.

To order and see what other products have won Paula kudos with Allure, In Style, Jessica Simpson, Renee Zellwegger, and countless other celebrities visit,

OPI’s “South Beach” collection
Hurray for color! While Karl’s “Vamp” is a classic, it’s a welcome break to see something brighter and more cheerful on your hands and feet to combat the winter blahs.
We got an instant lift after the nail technician at the Luxe Lab suite applied “ Miami Beet” on our hands. It made for the perfect accent to our all black look [turtleneck, leggings, coat and shoes].

Order a bottle online,

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