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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The JUAN CARLOS OBANDO fall 2009 Collection

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Image of JCO backstage and of model's hair & makeup, VGK
Runway images from the official website, photos, Marcio Madeira

Eyebeam Studio, the Forbidden Zone, 11th Ave. & 21st Street.
New York Fashion Week,
WHAT a season can make, that is in terms of organization.

Sometimes, a star is born, fresh out of an AAU, Parson’s FIT, or FIDM. Sometimes however, stars find their talents a little later in life. Such is the case with Mr. Obando. By day, he’s helping to create digital-ad campaigns for the movie industry. When he’s not working for Sony Pictures etc., he’s busy creating pieces that have landed him a full page in Vogue Magazine.
We arrived somewhat apprehensive that there would be chaos and drama at the door as there was on our last foray to an Obando show, six months ago. It was almost a letdown at how smoothly the check in process was. An army of PRs in black were ready and waiting and we were promptly escorted to our second row seat. PR Director, Jamie Falkowski had things well under control at Eyebeam this season.

THE THEME, “Case Study No. 11, The Siren vs. Hannibal had us curious from the time we received the e-vite.
WHAT IT MEANT: As at many places this season, there was an “armour and protection theme The razor thin models were cocooned in pleated silk chiffon dresses accessorized with heavy braided diamond and aluminum chokers by GABRIELLA ANTIGAS and black silk faille “bondage” heels by MANOLO BLAHNIK. Remarkably, Ms. Antigas only started working on the show jewelry three weeks prior to the show. It took her one week to actually make it.
Once Obando worked his way out of the bondage and cocooning what emerged was a very elegantly classic group of clothes in silk + wool with a pleated scarf/shawl that gave an avant-garde edge to the clean lined silk and wool emirates suits – slim skirts, pencil trousers and shells.
The finale had a few standout gowns in white silk georgette ranging from racer backs to one-shoulder and a Marilyn gown. As compared to last season’s showing, this collection was definitely several steps in the right direction.

We listened in on an interview that Spanish PBS was conducting, immediately after the show. Said Mr. Obando, “It was in the details, a lot of technical details, such as knotting details in the back “.
We were able to sneak a moment to ask him a few questions.
THE FASHION EXAMINER: Who is your woman?
JUAN CARLOS OBANDO: What I create is for a woman who loves to dress herself, to get her hair done, the works.
TFEXAMINER: What of the recession?
JCO: Women still have occasions to go to and to get dressed for.

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