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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

India Hicks' Lush Island Lifestyle Bath and Body Products


Waking up this morning for an early a.m. Tokyo Skype call, I recall falling asleep trolling around for images on my MACBook of socialites living the good life. Try it sometime, it's uplifting! Rather than having the usual icky dreams about the recession, I spritzed some of INDIA HICKS ISLAND LIVING Room spray, and had happy dreams about luxuries such as NetJets, travel, and colorful Kaftans.

So, you CAN get a little piece of ‘Heaven at Home’, courtesy of INDIA HICKS' ISLAND LIVING’ line at CRABTREE & EVELYN, and
you don't need NetJet to get there.

A year ago, my eldest daughter, and Jr. Editor, picked-up INDIA’s ‘ISLAND NIGHT’ Creamy Body wash. Maybe it was the rich purple tube, but it far exceeded my expectations. It’s so creamy that you don’t really even need a moisturizer, so no biggie if you forget or don’t’ have time to apply it. We fought to the finish for the two tubes we scored. Like all good things, you eventually come back for more.

A few week ago, we bounced into the local C&E to sample the various products on display at the Danbury, CT Mall. We settled on the ‘Casuarina’ range, and bought the ROOM FRAGRANCE to see if we liked it enough to buy more items on the range. The name grabbed us and brought memories of touring the late GIANNI VERSACE’s CASA CASUARINA in South Beach Miami the winter before. Like any good branding, if you get to buy a piece of your dream, you walk away a happy customer.

I’m not really surprised that I’m so taken with India’s line, as I’ve been enormously impressed by India, the person, on the two occasions I met her. The first was over ten years ago, when I was the PR Director for Michael Kors, and India came in for a casting for one of our bi-annual runway shows. She wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous like Naomi or Georgina Grenville [of Gucci ad fame], but she was REFINED, intelligent, and nice. At that time, India was working some Ralph Lauren ads, and it was the most natural of fits. Unfortunately, she didn’t do Michael's show due to a scheduling conflict.
Five or so years later, we met again when she debuted her capsule caftan range at NY Fashion Week. I went to the presentation thanks to a heads-up from Harper's & Queen's KIM HERSOV, who made my time in London feel like a home away from home, years ago.
This time, it was the idea of breezing around in a Kaftan in a home in the tropics that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. Even in the dead of winter, in a white space at the rather generic MET Pavillion space, she pulled it off. That’s where the idea of eventually buying a tiny place in the tropics and living ½ the year somewhere in the islands was born. Thanks, Kim and India!

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Kim Hersov, Party pic, in black blazer
India Hicks, in brown/white caftan

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