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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beach Bunny - the Kardashian Sister Collaboration – the Swim 2011 Collection Show & Pre-Show

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Runway Images, Courtesy of Edward James,

Sometimes, the show is about the pre-show. This was most definitely the case when it came to the Beach Bunny show. Prior to the actual event,
Photographers clawed at the PR girls guarding the backstage entrance. Once in, they crouched like tigers by the fuchsia media wall backstage in hopes of getting the money shot of the notorious Kardashian sisters. The more sparkly nude lip gloss and cleavage showing, the better. Tempers were flaring in the photo pit at the White Sands presentation, in the preceding time slot next door, which was running behind schedule. The problem – that the shooters wouldn’t have enough time to get down the antiquated penthouse elevators at the Raleigh and check in backstage for the Kardashian photo op.
As I had the luxury of not HAVING to shoot them, I was happy to go on a recon mission backstage to see if the K girls had arrived.
By 7:00p.m. I reluctantly gave up my prime spot in front of the media wall and got in line to check in for the actual show. Two minutes later the K girls strolled in – splendid in nude lace + black skintight dresses, glossy black hair and kohled eyes, with full on security to face the photogs.
It has always annoyed me how celebrities like to claim that they “hate the paparazzi”. The truth is that without photographers vying to take their picture, they would fade into oblivion, and cease to exist.
Let’s give the K sisters some credit here. Yes, they were headed backstage, but they walked, VERY SLOWLY across the parking lot to get there, giving anyone who was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, the opportunity to snap-off an image. [I was even able to get an image of Kim and her entourage].
The show was sadly, a disappointment, and as a colleague pointed out, “all over the place”. It’s difficult to produce a cohesive show with three different designers [four, if you count Beach Bunny’s actual Design Director], at the wheel. Design is like cooking, if you have too many ingredients you end up with slop. In this case, the result was unfortunately something that resembled hooker-wear. Who can tell though? Celebrity may be enough to get the cash registers ringing when the clothes hit the retail floor, providing the show, and the girls are still smoking hot.

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