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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

B. KAMINS - a Canadian Skin Care Line - Quality over Hype


If you're like us, you've succumbed to the siren song of luxury brand "name" skincare. We love Nicole Kidman, but it isn't ONLY that Chanel Ultra Correction Night Cream that keeps her skin looking eternally youthful. Given that creams have a limited ability to deliver, we've been on a long-standing mission to find some great skincare that won't bust our budget. After all, you still want to be able to afford some of the season's new makeup colors and a pair of sunglasses.

When Beauty 360 esthetician, Isabelle Martin Face-Booked us an invite to meet the B. KAMINS East Coast Trainer, we jumped. Not only that, we were to receive a complimentary professional 20 minute peel by an esthetician in their mini spa-room in the back of the store. A beauty treatment beats lunch out - any day!

THE PEEL was administered by Rene Jacques, B.KAMINS' East Coast Trainer, who's also an esthetician. Rene was super friendly and knowledgeable. I was mildly anxious as I didn't want to have to be running around with a tomato red face - which I'd seen friends sport after a chemical peel. One look at Rene's perfect complexion calmed me down. Her skin looked like it belonged to one of the twenty-something starlets who were spilling out of the Tents at LA Fashion Weeks I used to attend. She's the poster-child for a Malibu California girl. Rene's been working with and using the product for 5 years, so if a complexion like hers was the result, then all-aboard!

The actual Alpha hydroxy peel [a professionals-only peel] caused some mild stinging but nothing worth getting worked-up about. Rene soon calmed things down with the Booster Blue Soothing Skin Concentrate. This and the BOOSTER BLUE ROSACEA CLEANSER, Rene informed us, are the ideal products to use after peels, waxing, or if you have rosacea. Another time to slap these on is if you accidentally fall asleep in the sun and wake-up burned like a rock lobster.
The REPLENISHING MOISTURIZER that followed,left my skin feeling ultra-hydrated. As to the lines, I need to give that a day or two to judge the results.

I left with a 4 fl.oz. tube of SUNBAR SUNSCREEN SPF30. Cost $36-5= $31, after applying a CVS coupon.
I liked that it's: fragrance and oil free sunscreen, and geared for my sensitive and rosacea-prone type skin. Add to that, the lightweight color-correcting formula is a great alternative to foundations, which always feel like a mask, no matter how expensive they are.

*NOTE: You CAN find B.Kamins on websites all-over the Internet, but you're better-off going to their site, as they reward loyalty with LOTS of free samples.

NEXT: I'll be reporting on the results of my trial with B.Kamins Lash Booster, a 1/2 way step to LATISSE, which we're not willing to try - no matter how tempting the promotions are. The added bonus is that I'm using it on my brows in a mid-life attempt to regain my thick "Audrey" brows.

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