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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The ANYWHERE Swim 2011 Show at the Raleigh

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Images of the Swim Anywhere Inc. Collections, Courtesy of Deborah Hughes Public Relations

When I read the line-up for the evening's festivities, I was thrilled to see that Deborah Hughes from New York, was on the evening's roster. While sitting on the side of the pool, I thought about how I'd go anywhere to say anything that Deborah Hughes is representing, even Priscilla of Boston Bridal - Bridal is my least favorite of all the fashion and lifestyle markets I cover.
Swimwear Anywhere- North America’s leading privately held swimwear manufacturer, provides fashion-driven swim apparel representing 14 apparel labels including DKNY Swim, Juicy Couture Beach, amongst others.
The highlight of the show was CARMEN MARC VALVO's segment, which included a ruched sapphire maillot and a one-shoulder perfect white maillot. Mr. Valvo was actually there for the show - a rarity in a secondary market. It might seem puzzling that I'm raving about the simplest of the suits we saw, but it takes a talented designer to make a suit [or dress for that matter] stand out with no "look at me" Swarovski crystals, hardware or bolt prints to draw you in.
Another bonus, and one that was entirely unexpected, was that I happened to be sitting next to IVANA SERT, who had designed the much-talked about costumes 'Samantha' wore on Sex & The City II. While I didn't get a chance to visit the Allure Showroom to see her clothes, Ivana's fringed black jacket gave me a heads-up of what to expect when I eventually go see her collection. Meeting Ivana was a treat and goes to show that why NOT start chatting with the person next to you at a show. You never know who you'll meet.

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