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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Amsterdam-er, Juliette Booker’s Retro-Fabulous Costume Jewelry at Unbeatable Prices

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Amsterdam native, JULIETTE BOOKER, is a young jewelry designer who’s one to watch. HER COMPANY, SOHO HEARTS, offers a superb selection of eye-catching jewelry designs, many named for fashion icons and fashion notables, such as ‘Audrey’ [Hepburn or Tatou?] and ‘Scarlett’ [could be O’Hara or Johansson].She's figured out a way to create retro designs that are young and fresh and appeal to everyone from the tween set to "women of a certain age" who want to have fun with jewelry without being afraid to lose something that will get their insurance companies squawking should they lose it.

Juliette's company, Soho Hearts, presents a dazzling collection of luxurious, stylish and trendy jewelry in an abundance of color, texture with a strong very of-the-moment RETRO VIBE. She’s already squarely on the radar screen in her native Holland. She’s got KELLY CUTRONE’S team at PEOPLE’S REVOLUTION handling her PR from New York, so it’s only a matter of time that with their editing talent, that we’ll be hearing a lot more of her here Stateside.
After I spend the day deliberating, I’ll be putting in an order for my first piece of SOHO HEARTS. Once done, I’ll have joined the ranks of “Soho Famous” who wear Juliette’s pieces, such as Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Christina Aguilera, Mickey Rourke and yes, Paris Hilton.
I’m torn between two designs, the first being the groovily retro “Audrey Bracelet”. This elastic bracelet is made out of two different sizes of cream Swarovski pearls with a matte gold metal bow in the middle. It’s the perfect piece when you want to reference a tiny bit of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ in a non-obvious way.
[Style # 10072-B, $24.95]
The other option is the Fareeda Ring, a gold plated adjustable ring with a purple colored stone made from glass surrounded by blue enamel. It’s the sophisticated fashion version of the famous EVIL EYE, that’s just too hippie for this stage of my life.
[ Style #50018-A, $39.95]
In future, I’d love to see some designs based on today’s bold fashion icons, such as the fun-loving MOUNA AYOUB’s larger than life jewels.
AT this time, Soho Hearts is only available online, but with great PR and an eventually improving economy, who’s to say there wouldn’t be a cute little free-standing store in the coolest parts of town in New York and LA?
What IS certain is that when I’m in Amsterdam next year for Amsterdam Fashion Week, I’ll be sure to schedule an appointment to meet with this promising young design talent.

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