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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Holiday Week Pictorial: CT and Westchester County

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Pictorial of the Week: the December 27 - January 3 week at a glance
I just LOOOVE a mellow New Year's Eve. The last time I was into "the scene" on Dec. 31st was at a long-ago "Oui Magazine" party at a penthouse loft somewhere in Downtown NYC circa 1986. Don't ask why I was there but after THAT I know how Truman Capote and Jay McInerney felt as the "social chroniclers" of their respective decades. I've put Party of the Century by Deborah Davis, in my cart and can't wait to pore over the black and white images from Mr. Capotes's famous party, which he threw for himself to celebrate his mega hit In Cold Blood in 1966 and an example of what an "A-List Party" really means. If you were an "anyone" ie: Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow, Babe Paley, Slim Keith, C.Z. Guest, you got to go. If not, forget it. Mr. McInerney capture the debauched preppy zeitgest of NYC in the Eighties like nothing else I've ever read. Michael Fox did a nice job in depicting the lost unnamed character [presumably Mr. McInerney] in the film version. If you haven't seen it, do.
New Year's Eve was the chance to finally wear all of the vintage goodies I'd accumulated on that particular HUnt. The days after were about avoiding boring football games on TV, catching-up on some movies [Valley of the Dolls, True Grit, Marcello Mastroianni's A Slightly Pregnant Man, and Salt.] We finally made it to the Westchester Mall to see

what big designers had on sale. Neiman's was disappointing in that merch was only 33% off. Bad for me, but perhaps a sign that the economy is cautiously creeping back up, at least at this level of the population. Just last year, high-end retailers were slashing prices to the bone, past 60% to get their well-heeled customers back in the door. In any event, it was fun trying on a candy pink Oscar de la Renta fur vest, and a few Marc Jacobs coats - just because.
The week ended well - I discovered butter London "Mistress Champagne" Luxury Lotion in Adam Broderick's Salon, where I went-by to ask about CND's new gel nails. I passed on the gels but went home with the big 200 ml bottle of "Mistress" for $18. My new paraben-free and vegan lotion got me excited about what nail magic b.L's Nonie Creme will be performing backstage at NYFW next month.

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