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Friday, October 16, 2009

VERA WANG’s spring/summer 2010 – “Partying with Poiret”

SPOTLIGHT - BRANDING: VERA’s continued brand building push

Showroom images, VGK

TIME & PLACE: Post Fashion Week, at the Vera Wang Showroom, the Garment Center, NYC
WE’re going on the record. We LOVE presentations, all presentations: pre-fashion week, during fashion week, and post fashion week.
There’s no drama, no mess at the door and you can SEE EVERYTHING and you get to ask questions.
We’ve had a long- standing love affair with Vera’s SIMPLY VERA line since she debuted it @ 2 years ago and have steadily been buying up pieces. While we love a bargain, there’s nothing like the real deal – ie: the COLLECTION. Vera’s plush white and cream39th Street showroom was miles removed from the sterile racks at Kohl’s. The difference though, was bridged by the VERA WANG
ESTHETIC that runs in both the RTW line and the SIMPLY VERA line. The ability to to accomplish such a feat is the mark of successful branding. In our eyes, Vera Wang is a successful brand.
We spent longer than we’d budgeted admiring and touching the sumptuous fabrics in her spring 2010 collection.
What ties it all together is the concept of LAYERING, DRAPING, and RUFFLE DETAILING found in both collections, high and “low”. You’ll also find the fun jewelry, stitched onto tunics as well as a muted color palette in separates. On the Collection line, there’s a “candied jeweled bolero” that’s a special piece, only to be found on the high end. You can however get the FEELING on the Simply level by picking up one of the smocks with jeweled or sequined collars or straps.
We rather liked the “melancholy flower” print, in a deep forest green, making it one of those few florals that’s fit for fall/winter. The dark romantic tulips and purple poppies hit the right note for the winter months to come.

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