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Monday, October 19, 2009

The COSTELLO TAGLIAPIETRA spring/summer 2010 Collection

TIME & PLACE: NY Fashion Week
7:30p.m., Milk Studios, 2nd floor, 450 West 15th Street, The Forbidden Zone, NYC

You can rely on this duo to deliver sensuous soft designs. The surprise is which fabric they elected to use. This season, the fabrics were dyed in an environmentally friendly way using the AIR-DYE process. Long are the days that eco-friendly colors meant blah beiges and green tinged blacks. Thanks to air-dye, there were sunset oranges and all of the colors in a tequila sunrise cocktail as well as a pretty gray starry night pattern and a becoming gray-pink satin that looked great strapless and long-sleeved. The interest lay with the swaging in the front and bracelet length sleeves. When you’re wearing dresses that are this clean lined, you can have fun with your jewelry and take out the biggest and brightest baubles in your jewelry box OR you can wear the bling on your dress. It works for LANVIN and VERA WANG, so why not for Costello Tagliapietra?
One of our favorites – the smoke jersey top with Crystallized Swarovski element detailing.
While not their strongest collection to date, in part due to the lack of Red Carpet options, we applaud the duo for their environmental correctness.

Air dyeing makes dyeing with water seem very archaic. They seem to be the first and only to use the air dyeing technique this fall, which could mean that a) it's not getting enough exposure, or b) it's super expensive however environmentally responsible it may be. Colorep, the company that pioneered it, states that, “Air dye technology can be used only on synthetics”. That’s the could be 3rd potential reason why other designers haven't adopted it yet. In any case, we’re excited about this!
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