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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Portrait of Jillian, Richard Spiegel

JILLIAN ALTIT, the brains behind this little line is a makeup artist with 15 years experience. She’s a former Bobbi Brown protégé and like her famous former boss, she’s got plenty of celebrity clients: Gabriella Union, and Jennifer Garner to name just a few.
In an article that was syndicated in the
Knight Ridder Newspaper chain, writer Madeleine Marr wrote,
“If you want ... Jennifer Garner's lips: Jillicious has its own version of the increasingly popular lip plumpers that increase blood flow. Bada Bing Tinglers ($12.50), nonsticky flavored and scented balms that do the thickening with menthol. The downside to most of them is that they tingle AND burn. One even gave us a rash on the inside of our lips.
Happily, Bada Bing Tinglers let you have the Garner/Jolie lips MINUS the pain.

We met Jillian at the Press Lounge at the Ritz Carlton, just down the block from the Raleigh, during Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim Week. We walked into the plush lounge around 2p.m, to escape the 100+ degree heat. We were more than happy to plop down in a chair and let Jillian do her magic and to hear about her line.
Jillian gave us a few tips as she expertly applied it on us.
1. “You won’t need breath mints with this. Bada Bing leaves you with a cool feeling AND freshens your breath.”
2. “Start with a neutral colored lip liner, as close to the contour you were born with. Put the balm to the center of top and bottom lip, not all over.”

JILLICIOUS is a micro line, which like the wildly successful BENEFIT line, only got the key elements in it. In other words, just the items you’d carry in your purse. We road tested the BADA BING TINGLERS– for fresh breath and that patent leather-like wet look you usually only see in beauty photo editorials in foreign Vogues.

REVAMP in the works
Jillicious is going green AND Jillian’s she lowering the price point as a response to the economy. Seems everyone’s doing the same in this rocky economy. Unless your brand is called Hermes or Vuitton, you’d be smart to do the same.

Jillian used Marshmallow highlighter and khaki shadow and liner and Lemon twist lip-gloss.
HOW IT PERFORMED: 10pm check – the eyes stayed put – eye shadow and eyeliner both. The lip-gloss needed reapplications, but not as often as our usual Chanel and Aveda glosses.
A FEW LAST WORDS: While we liked the shiny shadow [new for us] it didn’t come off easily with the usual makeup remover pads we used.
*We called Jillian the next day to report how we liked the line. She suggested using an OIL-based remover – baby oil or Vaseline would work too.

THE VERDICT: With the glitter, shine, Green initiative, and reasonable price points, we see this line playing very nicely to a young crowd – from Tweens up through College Students. It’s not a bad sector to play to being that this age group always seems to have some extra spending $ in their Coach pocketbooks.

The website is currently under construction to reflect Jillian’w new eco initiative. In the meantime, for more information and to purchase some pieces, contact
The website address is:

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