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Friday, August 14, 2009


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Image at Sushi Samba and Makeup For Ever Backstage, Richard Spiegel
The big question is, “Is the bloom off the Hardy tattoo rose?
We started the day with Ed Hardy, with an 8:30a.m. wake-up call asking us to remember to be at SUSHI SAMBA on Lincoln Drive at 10:30am to attend the press preview of the unveiling of the Ed Hardy edible bikini. A young Farrah Fawcett look-alike sported the Carmen Miranda fruit salad concoction shaped into a string bikini. Although CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER is the Creative Director for the umbrella Ed Hardy brand, Swim Creative
Director, Fawn Arthur of Sea & Sun Swimwear, and Corporate Pastry Chef, Sergio Navarro of SUSHISAMBA restaurants, were responsible for “Miami’s first edible bikini”. In the salad were beets, blueberries and banana leaves.

It was a replica of the 2010 “Trellis” suit, inspired by the urban streets and influenced by Japan, Brazil and Peru.
The early morning unveiling was a tease for that evening’s (7 p.m. – Ed Hardy’s Swimwear Fashion Show at the Raleigh Hotel /Cabaña Grande).

600 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida.
The Menu: inventive fare that unites precise Japanese technique, bold Brazilian flavors and traditional Peruvian culinary traditions on one plate.
For more information, visit

TIME& PLACE: @ 7:00p.m., at the Raleigh Hotel /Cabaña Grande

Hours later, we sat in the tents waiting in the club like atmosphere with celebrity DJ IRIE spinning away. The models walking the show added to the party atmosphere by encouraging the crowd to get rowdy, which they were more than happy to do, from start to finish.
RUSK and MAKEUP FOREVER did a great job styling the hair – eighties inspired Mohawks with plenty of backcombing and heavily lined eyes and some metallic shadows that matched the suits.
As expected, styles were scant and there were lots of prints and plenty of logos thrown around on what little fabric there was. By contrast, the men wore oversized board shorts that don’t require a model’s physique. It wouldn’t be Ed Hardy without sculls and overblown roses and a generous sprinkling of bling. The award for most distinctive suit goes to the metallic black bikini with red hearts and the Hardy-ism“love kills” splashed across it. For some added bling, there were ample amounts of accessories - huge patent leather cuffs, thick gold chains and shoulder length feather earrings. The most elegant suit was the black and gold cut out one piece with a giant gold lame crown splashed on the front.
A SUGGESTION FOR NEXT TIME – The scarves were a good start, but we’d like to see a few cover-ups to go with the suits and a little more editing of the line.
Created by French designer Christian Audigier, Ed Hardy is distributed by Sea and Sun, the premier manufacturer of women's designer swimwear. The name Ed Hardy is a well-known brand amongst celebrities from around the world including Madonna, Shakira, Janet Jackson, David Beckham, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Christina Milian and Hillary Swank. The collection includes swimwear (retail $86-$250), beach towels, surfboards and boogie boards.
For more information please visit

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