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Thursday, November 25, 2010

James Aguiar Shares His Plane Travel Beauty Survival Tips

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Fashion spokesperson, personality, and TV host, James Aguiar redefines the term “ramblin’ man”. We caught up with James outside Malon Breton, pre-show.

I listened in, as Fashion Tribes’ Mark Behnke, asked James [who sees everything] what his take is on menswear for s/s2011. While they dissected the s/s 2011 season, I mentally calculated the number of air miles James would log, in just one season. I came up with roughly 20,000 miles, NYC-Boston, NYC-and a few other cities,[8,815 miles, one-way, from New York to Auckland, New Zealand]. Not only does James have to survive the travel, he doesn’t get to crash in 600 thread count thread sheets and order-up room service and a glass of wine to wind-down. James had to hit the ground running, and be camera ready. After nearly 9,000 miles, he had to get on the job, hosting Auckland Fashion Week. So, there’s no room in James’ game for under eye circles, on yawning.
I decided to find-out how he does it, because I can’t recall the last time I felt “fresh” getting off a plane.
While I love to travel, I dread the washed-out feeling and lizard dry skin that’s I walk out with even with repeated applications of my ultra rich Mario Badescu seaweed night cream and Perricone MD Cold Plasma. They serve me well while on land, but evidently, something more is required. Prior to chatting with James though, I couldn’t think of anything else other than resorting to the old world trick of putting olive oil on my face. James’ secret travel weapon is Amore Pacific’s Refreshing Complex spray mist.
I tracked-down the miracle potion

Refreshing Complex is loaded with Minerals such as Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium and is rich yet oil-free. It uses stabilized Bamboo Sap instead of distilled water, which can have a drying effect. Added to that are brightening botanicals such as Ginger Root, Matsutake Mushroom and Aqua-Sponge Complex™, Amore Pacific’s
exclusive moisture binding complex. It’s a bit rich, $100 a bottle, but one great skin care item is truly worth its weight in gold, even at it’s current $1,300/oz.


1. Spray, Spray, Spray! I spray my face non-stop with Amore Pacific while on the flight.

2. Looking fresh means not wearing makeup, ever on the flight.

3. Combat dryness before it hits by geting a facial a few days before you travel.

4. Tried but true: Drink tons of water.

5. Remain pure -
DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL on the flight.

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