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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ivanka Trump Jewelry as seen on Celebrity Apprentice


We've always had a soft spot for "the Donald", starting in the eighties, when he and Ivana [Ivanka's Mom] were the toast of NYC. Their daughter has certainly followed in her famous Daddy's footsteps and is quite the entrepreneur herself. While we enjoy her appearances and comments on Celebrity Apprentice what we really love is her jewelry line. When the announcement was made that Ivanka would be rolling-out a jewelry line, we gave it an eye-roll - our standard reaction to yet another celebrity taking a stab at playing fashion designer.
In this case, we were wrong!
Promotion is everything these days, and why NOT use Donald's show to help push the line? And, why not model it yourself if you're tall blonde and beautiful and are living the jet set lifestyle? We're all for that - it's just called using your resources.

There's a good amount of buzz about the Collection jewelry pieces that Ivanka wore on the most recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice, that aired on March 21st.
Our favorite - the octagonal bib necklace. She also wore a yellow gold cuff with rock crystal and black spinel, and her rock crystal rose gold earrings.

We're looking forward to more episodes and more jewelry.

TO BUY: Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry
580 Fifth Avenue, Suite 503, New York, New York 10036
Phone: 212.584.9338

Images of Ivanka Trump and the collection, courtesy of Sana Clegg, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry
Image of Celebrity Apprentice cast, from

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