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Friday, February 19, 2010


WHEN & WHERE: NY Fashion Week, Hunter College, NYC

The scent of the world's most expensive fragrances wafted thru the air. It seemed as if every wealthy beautiful blonde woman in New York had congregated outside the doors of the Kaye Playhouse on East 68th Street to see what one of their favorite designers had on tap for them.
Inside we took a seat on a red velvet chair in what we jokingly refer to as "the blogger section".
Dead center, front row was CECE CORD, one of the reigning queens of the 21st Century jetset holding court looking trim in a navy sheath dress.
Many designers were inspired by famous artists. Mr. H's choice was eighties bad boy Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Scanning the program we noticed lots of emerald green, and metallics on the 41-exit collection.
He took the ref all the way w/ panels of graffitti, Blondie singing Rapture"and a smoke machine. There were oversize houndstooth pieces, giant puffy sleeves, and turquoise dyed chubbies.

What we were having trouble wrapping our head around was why such an accomplished "Uptown" designer would choose to go "downtown". This was somewhat clarified after we spoke to fellow blogger, Judith Ecochard of who spoke with Douglas backstage. It seems he'd been inspired to create this eighties' style collection after attending a party downtown, which perhaps reminded him of being very young and participating in the now-legendary eighties' party scene.
The trick with carrying out these inspirations is TIMING - as with pretty much everything in life. Fellow designer, Marc Jacobs, took a trip back to CBGB's etc., but he did it a year ago and the crowd he plays to is more downtown than Mr. Hannant's well-heeled ladies.
Mr. H. hit some notes just right at exits 8, 14, 16 and 26. He did a beautiful job w/ the teal organza blouse and slim trouser - but in our book, that's an "Uptown look" and a bronze coat that looks great for day or evening. We also liked the new super lean stovepipe pants that only the thinnest of the "social Xrays" could wear well.
For evening, we're going w/ the black mink trimmed tux or the violet crepe gown w/ a deep sexy back. We're on the fence about the sparkly Basquiat print column gown. The art's a definite for the walls, but it would take the right woman to pull it off.

IMAGES:of the collection - Courtesy of Douglas Hannant
Images of the crowd - VGK-VZ

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