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Friday, February 26, 2010

The BOUDOIR D'HUITRES "Queen of the Night" fall 2010 Colllection


The raw space, thrumming music, and red light lent a clublike feeling to the proceedings in the downtown space way out in outer Chelsea's Forbidden Zone.
The show kicked off with an aria of genius Mozart"s Magic Flute by a soprano from the NYCity opera dressed in a black period gown.
What a welcome change that was, but it still doesn't make us want to drag over to the new Lincoln Center venue in Sept.

We loved the staging and the opening looks which featured red and black python inserts in a dress and skinny trousers. From there one of the unfortunate trends we noticed during this fashion week was that many designers felt the need to overuse lace in their collections. The only designer who REALLY gets lace right is Oscar de la Renta, and this collection was no exception to that rule. Chantilly lace is big this season, but they were most decidedly not the stronger pieces in Mimi's collection.

We were however inspired by the opening #, a blk crewneck dress w/ python snakeskin piecing. The red organic cork pants were a fun departure from jeans. A fun and original touch were the brass knuckles decorated w/ red silk roses. While we liked the concept of a Cleopatra style bib necklace, it didn't really work when it was composed of shiny red buttons.
POST-SHOW, BACKSTAGE with designer Mimi Plange -

Said Mimi, "I have a classical music background. I'm incorporating the Queen of the night rolled together w/ Cleopatra + my Victorian take."

Images Credits
Posed Images, Courtesy of Edite, Inc.
Backstage Images, VGK-VZ + MB

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