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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
These entries were NOT at JONO’s Product-n-Press Event, the mecca for new gift ideas. But, as Dwayne/Mike Meyers famously said in “Wayne’s World [1992], these ARE “worthy”!
Here are a few companies that created gifts that will go easy on your wallet but bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Kiss/Broadway Nails
Under the Canopy organic kimono bathrobe $48
Ed Hardy

NATURAL NUDE FRENCH Deceptions – from Broadway Nails in “short” length
The promise: 7-day wear.
WHY TRY: These are $5.99 as opposed to $50+ for nail salon gels and look just as good. True, glue-ons have a shady rep – something you’d imagine a pole stripper might use. After a fashionable high-schooler and a forty-something interior designer showed us theirs, we were motivated to go track down a set at Walgreens and try for ourselves.
We’ve never had the patience to grow our nails long and wearing these for a week actually did the trick for us. Amazed friends declared them “perfect looking” and demanded to know where we’d gotten these.
Getting them off requires a 10-minute soak in Kiss All Or One Artificial Nail Remover.
* To maintain our newly long nails, we started using Sally Hansen’s “Hard As Nails” base coat in “natural.
Total cost: under $30
To view products/selections:

ED HARDY By Christian Audigier’s Neoprene Can Cooler. We picked this one up at WALGREEN’s for $3.99.
WHO IT'S FOR: High School grads and the College Crowd.
We’re in agreement with our blogging associate, Richard Spiegel of The Fashion Tribune that Ed Hardy is over with fashion insiders. [An exception being ANTHONY of the ANTHONY LEONARD SALON in Midtown Manhattan, who regularly wears Ed Hardy Tee ].
The Hardy brand though, keeps rocking on with the mainstream shopper, most notably the high school and college crowd, who have disposable income at their fingertips, and deemed our can holder, “cool”.
To read Richard’s evaluation of the Hardy Brand, visit, and read, “The Coach Line – A Real Dead One”.

UNDER THE CANOPY’S organic Kimono Robe
This 100% certified organic cotton robe uses low-impact dies, AND is machine washable. It’s become the “it” bathrobe in our house with everyone trying to steal it when they think we’re not looking.
The verdict: It’s eco, but there’s no trace of “crunchy granola” here. We’d love to see this robe in salons and spas around the country.

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