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Sunday, June 7, 2009

GRETCHEN – Comfort bags for you and me and Paris Hilton!

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, Courtesy of Edite

We’ve all heard of “comfort food” – creamed spinach, chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes, Haagen Daas Rocky Road, Pepperidge Farm’s Mint Milanos – a carb and sugar fest.

OUR PROPOSAL– a much more satisfying fix that will have you looking good and feeling good months after the indulgence.
We loved the samples we saw in Edite’s NYC showroom, especially the big ones. Okay, big bags have a bit of a rap – a year ago at LA Fashion Week, one unenlightened party-person at the Fred Seigel party jokingly asked us about our “body bag” – an environmentally Kelly green bag by Shiraleah. Had we been carrying this Gretchen, he would have oohed and aahed instead.

Like it [or Miss H.] or not – if she’s wearing something – it’s “HOT!”
Earlier this week, Paris accessorized her Alexander Wang outfit with a Gretchen “Actress” Clutch – for the third time in the past three weeks. Fashionable women have LOTS of bags, and if you’re a high profile celeb, the sky’s the limit. Paris knows all about photo ops, so for her to allow herself to be photographed wearing THE SAME bag more than once, is a pretty big deal.

OCCASION #: At the T-Mobile Sidekick Kickoff Event in LA @ 3 weeks ago
OCCASION #2: At the Cannes Film Festival.
OCCASION #3: At her taping with David Letterman

ABOUT GRETCHEN: why we’re taking notice -
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS are a penchant for combining geometric shapes and in monochromatic color palettes. The result is an eye-catching bag that’s got an innovative clean cut-shape and minimalist aesthetic.
In case you’re thinking, “minimalism = boring”, think again. Gretchen underlines the individual character of each item with embellishment ranging from contrasting leather and fur to metal detailing.
The company’s based in Germany and made from the finest European leathers by expert craftsmen. In addition to bags, there are gloves, and belts.

The glossies have taken notice. Recent editorials include: Lucky, WWD, the cover of Accessories Magazine, Surface Magazine, and German Vogue.
Sold at at Inago Boutique in LA.

You can find more information about Gretchen at

For Press Inquiries, please contact Veronica Vera at or 212.967.0202

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