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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Text: Vivian G. Kelly
Images of the Collection: Dan Lecca courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

WHERE & WHEN: 12:oo noon BackSTAGE at the SALON tent, Bryant Park
While the clothes were typically classic and made with the usual sumptuous fabrics meant to last – cashmere – the edge came as with the hair over the top accessories such as a huge black popmpom hat and big black skibands over completely mussed up hair.
The hair is right on target – with an eighties vibe.
TO GET IT: Apply KERASTASE GEL, put on a skull cap, remove it after a while and muss it all up with your hands.

DANIEL COX spoke for the duo this time.
“It’s always the same with us. It’s about covering-up, staying warm, and feeling comfortable in luxurious fabrications."

McDonald's sponsored the show so it wasn't surprising that the program notes made reference to the Golden Arches. There was actually a personal connection here, as Duckie's other designer, STEVEN COX, worked at McDonald's when he was a teenager.
McDonald's sponsored the show in exchange for the brand's promoting McCafe coffee products backstage - which explains why we saw the male models chomping down on McSalads and McWraps pre-show. Mr. Cox's "McStory" appeared in the show program.

Techno-house music added an edgy background to what are some of the most luxurious clothes you’ll see coming down the New York runways. What man wouldn’t want to own one of these black, navy or gray suits and a coat to go with it. To punch things up, all you need is a pair of day glow orange slacks or even just a pair of the gloves. The styling may be avant-garde, but the tailoring, is as always impeccable and the fabrics equally so.

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