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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SHOPPING NANTUCKET ISLAND – even HEDGE FUND HEAVEN is on sale: Vineyard Vines, Eye of the Needle, Vanderbilt Gallery, Current Vintage & More

Text, Vivian G. Kelly with contributions by Demi Schimenti

Images, Vivian G. Kelly, Demi Schimenti

We spent a total of 36 hours on the island on a “Mommy get away" [sans kids] jaunt and took the opportunity to shop the Island.
There’s a lot of great shopping, most of it in walking distance from the ferry, but we were surprised to find that sales were on already, despite it still being high season.
It seems that even Hedge Fund Heaven has been affected by the recession – noone is immune.

Below, our favorite finds.

THE DRAW: the preppy island style
Walking in it felt very J.Crewish but tighter in pattern, almost everything in the store is theme based. So, that makes it super-easy for anyone to get their shopping done and to suit up into Shep & Ian’s fun-loving sporty lifestyle in a matter of minutes. It’s really just a matter of finding your theme and sailing-off with it.

BEST IN STORE: [and a great deal] – the 6 pack of highball tumblers with the embroidered Vineyard Vines logo. Price: $48 that includes the lifetime guarantee – a classy touch.
*Brownie points to the helpful but hands-off staff, who absolutely looked the part in their pink VVogo polos.

14 Federal Street, Nantucket, MA
The VIBE: colorful and glitzy – lots of Swarovski crystal bling.
Cute & fun contemporary day wear with some edgier pieces thrown in like the black looks like leather leggings from FRENCH MARKET every tiny celebrity has worn out on the town.
ON SALE: The leggings weren’t on sale, but there were a couple of racks of dresses and separates in the back for 50% off, earlier than usual, considering mid-August is still high-season on the Island.

BEST IN STORE : the Nantucket-influenced basket weave purses in bright colors with adorable rhinestone/Swarvovski animals such as a seahorse, a frog, and a bumblebee.

WE BOUGHT: $4 bling spark pens shaped like a lipstick bullet. We like them so much we bought one in purple, one in candy pink.

*BROWNIE POINTS: Custom wrapping even for the smallest items such as the ones we bought.
Tel: 508-228-1923

18 Federal Street, Nantucket MA

THE VIBE: Sixties style socialite aka Babe Paley, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

THE GOODS: Faux Verdura, Seaman Schepps, and real Kenneth Jay Lane

We fell in love in love with the faux Verdura white enamel bracelet cuff but not enough to take it home then and there.

*BROWNIE POINTS: The energetic sales person really hustled [that’s a compliment] she knew her stock and offered plenty of suggestions. She had a great welcoming Euro vibe and she got us thinking about the merch much more than if we had been left to our own devices.

ON SALE: Very little, Barbara Vanderbilt had very little on sale and she doesn’t need to do sales. IT’s kind of like going into Gucci in the seventies “on sale” was not in their vocabulary.
Tel: 508-325-4454

CURRENT VINTAGE by Elisabeth English
4 Easy Street, Nantucket, MA

THE VIBE: Part Palm Beach vintage with some luxe items thrown in partnered with some select wine offering such as Sofia Coppola’s wine spritzers.

HIGHLIGHTS: the vintage Lilly Pulitzer cocktail and patio dresses and the pink bug eyed sunglasses.

ON SALE: An adorable sail/architectural print sheath dress for under $100

WE BOUGHT: a cute brown pull on skirt with an embroidered mushroom cap for $35. The owner joked, “You just bought the cheapest thing on the Island”.

BROWNIE POINTS: The relaxed vibe and friendly owner who let us linger for close to an hour trying dresses on.
Tel: 508-228-5073

Lower Orange Street, Nantucket, MA

THE VIBE: Part hardware store, part essential kitchen part luxury linen shop. They carry Manuel Canovas, Soulieado, Anne de Solene and Matouk, with high thread counts, and many of the merch had a strong beach/acquatic theme.

HIGHLIGHTS: Owners Kelly Shay and Kathleen have great taste and we stayed far longer than the original drive by we had scheduled.

WE BOUGHT: a mini perfume flacon with a sculpted red Murano Glass stopper for under $12 for our new favorite fragrance, Andy Warhol’s Lexington Avenue, ltd. edition.
- a gold and green enamel frog prince keepsake frame
- Two’s Company sky blue patent sewing kit
- Two pillowcases in whimsical prints, a Koi fish, and a dragonfly

ON SALE: 50% off select lines, less on some top quality ones.

BROWNIE POINTS: The inviting vibe. They had out a coffee machine so you could energize yourself before shopping.
Tel: 508 228-0900 x129

5 India Street, Nantucket, MA

THE VIBE: Extremely laid-back, we were greeted by the owner, Francis X. Farrell’s gorgeous boxer at the door.

Oil landscapes by Weinstein a local artist in delicious pastel tones, and a mix of industrial modern and antique French pieces. WE loved the antique 19th Century cast iron hall valet and the white linen monogrammed linen sachet cases.

ON SALE: None that we noticed, but he’d probably negotiate, a little.

BROWNIE POINTS: When we asked about the measurements for the hall valet, he sent the image to our Blackberry before we even walked out the door.

He was helpful with suggestions on where to get dinner. We wound up at The Boarding House down the street, which was more than okay.
Tel. 508-324-7920

Sconcet, Nantucket, MA

THE VIBE: A European villa that’s just the right blend of casual sophisticated.
Add in the pool, the patio dining, we dropped in for some virgin pina coladas mid through our 12 -mile bike jaunt.


The tiny boutique painted in aqua blue with fish painted on the floors. It was small but the owner had a great eye, we loved everything there, especially the white bikini with gold hardware loops and a Kenneth Jay Lane leopard head bracelet as the fastening for the bottom.

When you’re there, take the time to enjoy a drink and appetizer or dinner and the view on the patio opposite the pool.

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