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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ROBERT VERDI'S SUITE - The Future of Fashion: Custom Vans, Phyto Paris Haircare, Absolute Acai & Vitamin Zero Martinis= What's good in life!

One of our favorite parts of New York Fashion Week is visiting Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory, deep in the bowels of the Garment District. There’s a plethora of products to try and to review every season. This time at the Future of Fashion event, the list included Vitamin Water Zero, Acai Absolut Vodka, Phyto Hair Care, and best of all, custom made VANS.

Before my visit, I didn’t know a lot about Vans other than 1. they were a competitor of Keds from Cali, and 2. That most of the privileged kids at our CT high school wear them. As my soccer coach husband lives in sneakers, I decided to treat him to the custom made pair LL was offering guests to create for their own use.

Robert’s fabulous Assistant [we should say, “right hand”] got us started on the VANS Custom program, which is available for men and women. We went with the option of creating a flashy version of classic Vans, selecting the “old skool” model, complete with the waffle sole that still does “epitomize the West Coast surf and skate scenes”. The process was surprisingly easy and half way through, Robert himself came over and helped us put together a very colorful pair of shoes. This was a thrill because Robert really has an eye for color, which he uses to his clients’ advantage in fashion, and home décor.
“Great, he exclaimed, he [my husband] likes color!” He added some touches such as Kelly green piping around the tongue of the shoe and purple piping at the top of the rubber sole that matched the purple suede toecap.

All that remained after hitting the SEND button was to wait for them to arrive. Three weeks later, they hit our driveway and behold – the brightest suede shoes we’d ever seen. They were as the site promised “off the wall”!

Short on time, I only briefly stopped into the beauty room but long enough to chat with a Phyto Paris Rep who send us a bottle of PHYTO “Complement Alimentaire cheveux et ongles” [translation: dietary supplement for hair and nails]. As promised, half-way through the two-month treatment time, my hair was visibly shinier and grew faster than it had in the past year. Unlike other supplements we at TheFE have tried, these have a pleasant chocolate aroma and no bitter after-taste. Since they’re working so well, I’m going to continue on and complete the recommended 4-month treatment time. The celebrity hair stylist on hand raved about Phyto's FIBER PASTE, which he said would be especially useful in taming my stubborn cowlicks.
On the way out of the suite, Ashely handed me a chic little LL Bean tote with a bottle of Absolut Acai and few bottles of ZERO VITAMIN water. Being a martini a night girl, I set-about trying out the various Zeros and vodka to find the perfect mix. So far, our favorite back home is the pomegranate “go-go” shaken [not stirred] with Absolute Acai in a 1-1 ratio. Add to that that no matter which Vitamin Water you use, your cocktail’s delivering some healthy benefits. Cheers!

Be sure to catch Robert on his TV Docu-series – The Robert Verdi Show on the Logo Channel,

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