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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BARBARA TFANK – The “Come out and play” spring 2010 collection

Images, Richard Spiegel

TIME & PLACE: 4:30p.m.
New York Fashion Week
Milk Studios, 8th Floor

Barbara’s work has always had a sixties elegance and aesthetic to it. This season, Barbara told us she has a moment of self-discovery which came when she opened the pages of AVEDON Fashion: The Definitive Collection. Says Barbara, “I had not realized how profoundly my approach to design had been influenced by working with Richard Avedon when I was a very young designer.”
She was lucky – Mr. Avedon let her pore over his private archive of fashion stills. The sixties elements were all there: the Kevin style bouffants, the music, and the cat eyes and of course, the clothes. There were timeless silhouettes present – blousons, A-line skirts that evoke that pretty primness we all loved when Jackie Kennedy wore it during her White House years.
While the clothes had us briefly fantasizing of leading this languorous early sixties lifestyle, this is one designer who’s got her feet firmly on the ground.
“I want to give real things of real value from day to evening to my customer, something they want to keep in their closets for many seasons.”

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