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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Runway Images, Dan and Corinna Lecca

BACKSTAGE we caught some time with designer Paola Saavedia, who was extraordinarily calm pre-show.
FE: What was especially important to you this season?

PAOLA: I want to show that the label, “Made in Columbia” means that what we manufacture is of an excellent quality.

FE: Where did the name CAFFE come from?

PAOLA: Everyone equates Columbian Coffee to mean great coffee. I want them to think that way about our products too.

FE: Who’s your customer?

PAOLA: A woman who’s looking for comfortable luxury that is elegant. My suits are comfortable because they have seamless stitching which also looks better.

FE: There are a lot of new models this year on the runways. What type of girl do you favor for you shows?

PAOLA: I like flatter girls because they can wear my suits with a deep V and a gold ring in the middle.

FE: The hardware in your line is very strong. Who designs it?

PAOLA: I design my own jewelry.

The seamless construction Paola’s becoming known for does wonders for the silhouette of the suits. The deep v halter maillot with ornamentation in the cleavage was sophisticated and sexy as was the white rouched bandeau to with a hammered gold ring in the middle [This is the suit Paola recommends for the small busted – thanks Paola!]

FUN EXTRAS: The copious straw toes with ikat trim and gold detailing are fancy enough to take off the beach and out to drinks. Of the prints and solids, solids won out.
MUSICAL NOTE: One thing we like about Miami swim is that you never know what the sound track will be as opposed to New York tent shows that tend to use many of the same tracks over and over.
The music here – “I fell in love with a DJ” that had a decidedly Jamaican vibe to it, that KELLY KILLOREN BENSIMON was dancing in her seat to.
There were even some Michael Jackson tracks blended in, perhaps in homage to the late king of pop.
STRONGEST POINT: The distinctive heavy gold hardware that make these more than just another swimsuit. Strategic placement such as at the back of the bikini bottom added interest.

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  1. It should be noted that designer swimwear has been specifically designed not only to make women look feminine, sophisticated, and beautiful, but also to make them feel comfortable about themselves and their body while basking under the sun.
    Thanks for sharing!